Hardy Family History, compiled by Jessie D. Hardy


My mother, Jessie Davis Hardy, was an avid genealogist and loved sharing what she had learned with others. Around thirty years ago she compiled everything she had discovered about the family into a self-published book for her children, on a PC using Word Pad.

Recently I have received several requests for copies of the Hardy side of this collection, so I decided to see what I could do about getting it online for anyone to see and download. The original file is long gone, so I scanned that portion of the book and created a pdf. It was 1.5 GB, much too large; I've been working on reducing the size without losing clarity, and would like to get it even smaller. I've also tried various methods to OCR the contents so they could be edited, font changed, format updated, etc., but so far every version has too many errors. Later I may try to make an ebook of the contents.

To see the pdf, click on the cover image above, and please wait patiently for the file to load. It's still pretty large. You may save it to your computer using your pdf software (Adobe Reader and the like) or you may right-click this link and download directly ("save as").

Even if you aren't related, you may appreciate an earlier family history that she includes, pp. 42-50, which was complied in 1905 by the Elder Lemuel Hardy. He died in 1930 while preaching in the pulpit, which his congregation said was just the way he would have wanted it. An article from that time in The Raleigh News and Observer, including some interesting information about the nature of the Primitive Baptist ministry, is transcribed in full on page 50. Click here to see the N&O article: Lemuel.pdf.

Sunset Over Java, by Jacobus E. de Vries

A few months after the book descibed below was completed I created an ebook version of Sunset Over Java. One can download this Kindle exclusive at: www.amazon.com. Many of the illustrations in the book--which include Japanese-Indonesian currency, sketches of the camps by Dutch prisoners-of-war, maps, and more--can be seen in color in the e-book.

Sunset Over Java Cover

My job was to format the book for publication on Amazon's CreateSpace, and to situate four maps and 31 carefully selected images within the text, each as close as possible to the point in the story where it is most relevant. I also handled the technical aspects of getting the book onto the CreateSpace platform. The striking cover to the left was designed by Paulette Webb.

Mr. de Vries' story is a compelling one. Much of it is told in the voice of a young Dutch boy describing his feelings and experiences in a series of Japanese prison camps on Java during WWII. Once free, he struggled to pull together a life after tremendous loss at a vulnerable age, was shuffled from country to country, did poorly in school, but eventually found himself at Harvard. The goal of the story is to inspire, but not by providing "pat" answers or platitudes. It's a tale of setbacks and resilience, and of luck--both bad and good.


What Does it Mean to Be an Educated Woman?

educated woman cover title page

Click the following for links to download (it's free!): Sallie Bingham Center, Duke.

Added note: In the digital world, technology gets old fast. It's hard to imagine, but when I made this book Kindle still couldn't show internal images in color. They advised using color anyway as they were working on it, and it didn't take long. If this book were made now the video could be embedded in the book instead of just linked, but it would still made the file size enormous. Maybe next year. This is truly a primitive "interactive ebook," but the technology was still pretty primitive as well. I think the e-book holds up pretty well in 2016. The content is timeless!

In addition to editing this collection, I created the e-book. I found working on this project to be the perfect union of an old love and a new one: books and tech.

The first e-book to be published by Duke University Libraries, Educated Woman celebrates the career of Women's Studies founder Jean Fox O'Barr. It includes color photographs that would be too expensive


Music and Revolution, by Joseph Eger

Though underway for a year, Music and Revolution was truly the product of a race against time, although I only realized that in retrospect. Maestro Eger passed away only a week after first seeing his book in printed form.

As the book's editor, I combined new and earlier writings with dictated responses to questions to present the final thoughts and reflections of a 92-year-old life-long revolutionary, artist, and activist.


Link to Lulu:

Music and Revolution:
From Beethoven to Einstein to the 99%

Joseph Eger

Cover designed by Greg Kemp. From the back cover:

Joseph Eger's life is a testimony to the power of music. Among the most widely traveled and venerated classical conductors, Eger has discovered within music a universal language that not only unites people across cultures but also suggests something about the physical rules of life itself. [He] shows how the Capitalistic system is responsible for most of the world's ills - from global warming, tsunamis, and "natural" catastrophes to increasing global poverty; from major wars to the mass killings of children and innocent civilians. This book connects the dots to the causal source - a system that venerates profit over people. Eger presents the symphony as a metaphor for a new cooperative rather than competitive society. At age 92, he claims that "Only total change (revolution) can save life on Earth."

Three Plays by Victor Pottorff

Other clients have been wrapping up long careers, Victor Pottorff has taken up a new venture a few years into his retirement  -- writing plays!


His characters are policemen, golfers, waitresses, and bartenders.  He writes female characters especially well--culminating in the character RITA, who got her own play. Many of the folks who inhabit his plays are seniors, and not a one of them is dull. They're regular folks, but one or two of them are just a bit "off," like Rita--she's in her 80s and lives with her dead husband, George.  She makes extra money betting on horses on the internet and is the neighborhood problem-solver..... as is Al in The Cedars.

Mr. Pottorff wrestles with some of life's hardest questions with honesty and humor. Life in his plays is very real--bad things happen and some people are downright evil. The good guys don't always win, and yet in two of the plays he opens a door to optimism and to the mystical with nary a vampire or smoke machine in sight (well, OK, once there is smoke :)).  His vision is irreverent, profound, and big-hearted -- and quite original.


Google Sites

I created the first two websites linked below for classes I taught a few years ago, using Google Sites--a simple tool for creating a multi-page website with menus. One can use it to display images, powerpoints, documents, and the like.

East Meets West in American Art

The Third Mind: American Artists Contemplate Asia

Google Sites is easy to use, and free.

Fearrington Village Homeowners' Association

I helped to create, and was for years the content editor for, a website for Fearrington Village Homeowner's Association: FHA website. It was built using the Joomla Content Management System (CMS), a much more complex and versatile platform than Google Sites. I was the fearless assistant to the real brains of the operation, and the programming and database work was done by the webmaster, but I learned a good bit about Joomla for content creation and management and am currently using it as a platform for this website.

Fearrington Village Directory

The webmaster, Jim Brooking, and I led a team that produced the 2011, 2012, and 2013 editions of Fearrington Village Handbook and Directory. I list this under websites because Brooking devised a method by which the entire directory can now be updated, edited, and a pdf for printing created at any time by a push of a button, via the Joomla platform, using Prince for printing. 

I'm interested in the possibilities of merging print and web platforms.  I learned that formatting for a print book is quite different than formatting for an e-book because of paper.  A story for another day.....