Hardy Family History, compiled by Jessie D. Hardy


My mother, Jessie Davis Hardy, was an avid genealogist and loved sharing what she had learned with others. Around thirty years ago she compiled everything she had discovered about the family into a self-published book for her children, on a PC using Word Pad.

Recently I have received several requests for copies of the Hardy side of this collection, so I decided to see what I could do about getting it online for anyone to see and download. The original file is long gone, so I scanned that portion of the book and created a pdf. It was 1.5 GB, much too large; I've been working on reducing the size without losing clarity, and would like to get it even smaller. I've also tried various methods to OCR the contents so they could be edited, font changed, format updated, etc., but so far every version has too many errors. Later I may try to make an ebook of the contents.

To see the pdf, click on the cover image above, and please wait patiently for the file to load. It's still pretty large. You may save it to your computer using your pdf software (Adobe Reader and the like) or you may right-click this link and download directly ("save as").

Even if you aren't related, you may appreciate an earlier family history that she includes, pp. 42-50, which was complied in 1905 by the Elder Lemuel Hardy. He died in 1930 while preaching in the pulpit, which his congregation said was just the way he would have wanted it. An article from that time in The Raleigh News and Observer, including some interesting information about the nature of the Primitive Baptist ministry, is transcribed in full on page 50. Click here to see the N&O article: Lemuel.pdf.