Three Plays by Victor Pottorff

Other clients have been wrapping up long careers, Victor Pottorff has taken up a new venture a few years into his retirement  -- writing plays!


His characters are policemen, golfers, waitresses, and bartenders.  He writes female characters especially well--culminating in the character RITA, who got her own play. Many of the folks who inhabit his plays are seniors, and not a one of them is dull. They're regular folks, but one or two of them are just a bit "off," like Rita--she's in her 80s and lives with her dead husband, George.  She makes extra money betting on horses on the internet and is the neighborhood problem-solver..... as is Al in The Cedars.

Mr. Pottorff wrestles with some of life's hardest questions with honesty and humor. Life in his plays is very real--bad things happen and some people are downright evil. The good guys don't always win, and yet in two of the plays he opens a door to optimism and to the mystical with nary a vampire or smoke machine in sight (well, OK, once there is smoke :)).  His vision is irreverent, profound, and big-hearted -- and quite original.