What Does it Mean to Be an Educated Woman?

educated woman cover title page

Click the following for links to download (it's free!): Sallie Bingham Center, Duke.

Added note: In the digital world, technology gets old fast. It's hard to imagine, but when I made this book Kindle still couldn't show internal images in color. They advised using color anyway as they were working on it, and it didn't take long. If this book were made now the video could be embedded in the book instead of just linked, but it would still made the file size enormous. Maybe next year. This is truly a primitive "interactive ebook," but the technology was still pretty primitive as well. I think the e-book holds up pretty well in 2016. The content is timeless!

In addition to editing this collection, I created the e-book. I found working on this project to be the perfect union of an old love and a new one: books and tech.

The first e-book to be published by Duke University Libraries, Educated Woman celebrates the career of Women's Studies founder Jean Fox O'Barr. It includes color photographs that would be too expensive to reproduce in a print version, as well as live links to YouTube videos of the entire Symposium (including lengthy discussions after each panel) and links to the Symposium and Bingham Center webpages.

You might be surprised at what a good read this book is, given that the word Symposium can suggest dry scholarship. This program is entertaining, provocative, and informative. The article on the history of Women's Studies at Duke that opens the book, written by O'Barr, alone makes the book worth a download. Click here (a pdf will open in a new window) and scroll down to the second article, "Our Work Transformed: First E-Book Published," to learn more about the book.