Music and Revolution, by Joseph Eger

Though underway for a year, Music and Revolution was truly the product of a race against time, although I only realized that in retrospect. Maestro Eger passed away only a week after first seeing his book in printed form.

As the book's editor, I combined new and earlier writings with dictated responses to questions to present the final thoughts and reflections of a 92-year-old life-long revolutionary, artist, and activist.


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Music and Revolution:
From Beethoven to Einstein to the 99%

Joseph Eger

Cover designed by Greg Kemp. From the back cover:

Joseph Eger's life is a testimony to the power of music. Among the most widely traveled and venerated classical conductors, Eger has discovered within music a universal language that not only unites people across cultures but also suggests something about the physical rules of life itself. [He] shows how the Capitalistic system is responsible for most of the world's ills - from global warming, tsunamis, and "natural" catastrophes to increasing global poverty; from major wars to the mass killings of children and innocent civilians. This book connects the dots to the causal source - a system that venerates profit over people. Eger presents the symphony as a metaphor for a new cooperative rather than competitive society. At age 92, he claims that "Only total change (revolution) can save life on Earth."